A few simple steps
to your dream design...

Every design process is unique, but here are

the main steps of your design journey with us

Step 1:

You have a problem, an idea, a seemingly impossible request or a crazy dream that concerns furniture or design, and reach out to us.

Step 2:

We discuss your needs and I tell you that your dreams are achievable. 

Step 3:

I come and see the space, conduct a site survey and work my designer magic in order to figure out what you really want.

Step 4:

I come up with a few possible designs and share them with you. Together we chose the design that will best suit your needs.

Step 5:

I produce a video that shows how the design will look in your space.

Step 6:

When you are happy, you sign off on the final design and specifications. Then the serious and boring bit, pricing and contracts.

Step 7:

I do the technical drawing for your design. 

Step 8:

Time to get my hands dirty!

Step 9:

You get your dream design delivered to your home.